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EnvaTechs is a technological environmental startup, that aims at raising knowledge of environmental challenges among people, by utilizing immersive learning technologies, such as; Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

EnvaTechs Objective

The main objective of EnvaTechs is to revolutionize people’s practical experiences in the field of the environment through innovative learning methods. Where utilizing virtual reality, will create a whole new way of understanding various subject matters that can entice the mind of people from all walks of life. In addition, it will help them to be more engaged and involved in a practical experience, through traveling to and explore places all over the country, region, and world without leaving their place. Furthermore, implementing such a way of learning will help close the gap between personal behavior and its broader consequences, especially with environmental issues, because our inability to imagine the long-term impacts, usually makes us think that whatever we do in the present doesn’t really connect to the environmental problems in the future.

EnvaTechs Solutions

Educational Solutions

EnvaTechs through immersive learning technologies will take the academic experience into the next level, where the gap between theoretical and practical education will be bridged through the integration of Virtual Reality which will allow youth to explore diverse scenarios and expand multiple horizons. By wearing VR gear, youth will be encountering high-quality visualizations that can induce their creative learning and strengthen their soft skills such as human actions, imagination abilities and behavior in some way traditional teaching methods can never reach.

  • Who can use it?
  1. schools and educational centers
  2. Ministries
  3. Development Agencies
  • What we offer
  1. Educational Programs: Educational environmental scenarios will be developed using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications. Where each environmental matter has its own story, and both, present and future simulations. Schools and educational centers can have its’ own customized simulations to better let their students live inside a real experience of places they already know.
  2. Workshops / Sessions: Envatechs team are ready to guide the environmental scenarios which are developed into virtual reality simulations. Where students can enjoy a mindfulness interactive session of living in the future of the environment.
  3. Training of Trainers program: where teachers in the schools and the educational centers can learn more about how to guide the experience of VR for their students.

Engineering Solutions

Envatechs offers Technological environmental solutions for engineering companies and development agencies who work on the implementation and development of environmental engineering projects or awareness campaigns.

  • Who can use it?
  1. Engineering companies
  2. Development agencies and NGOs
  3. Any other environmental entities.
  • What we offer?
    1. Project-based simulations: Simulations of the environmental impacts generated by the implementation of the project.
    2. Awareness sessions: as part of awareness campaigns, EnvaTechs hold sessions to raise people’s knowledge of environmental challenges, by taking them into a journey of simulations to show them how small actions can result in tremendous challenges.