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We change the way you see environment!

 As humans, our inability to imagine the long-term impacts, usually makes us think that whatever we do in the present does not really connect to the problems in the  far future. EnvaTechs aims to to revolutionize people’s practical experiences in the field of the environment through innovative learning methods. Utilizing Virtual Reality, EnvaTechs creates a whole new way of understanding various subject matters that can entice the mind of people from all walks of life by helping them travel to and explore places all over the country, region, and world without leaving their place!


Implementing such a way of learning will help close the gap between personal behavior and its broader consequences, especially with environmental issues using immersive and cutting edge technologies, we change the way you see environment; by letting you live in it!!!

Solution Approach

why envatechs


E D U C A T I O N A L  S O L U T I O N S

EnvaTechs through immersive learning technologies will take the academic experience into the next level, where the gap between theoretical and practical education will be bridged through the integration of Virtual Reality which will allow youth to explore diverse scenarios and expand multiple horizons.

Using a VR gear, youth will be encountering high-quality visualizations that can induce their creative learning and strengthen their soft skills such as human actions, grow their imagination abilities and behavior in a way traditional teaching methods can never do.

Who Can Use It ?
  • Schools and educational entities
  • Ministries
  • Development agencies
What We Offer

1. Educational Programs: Educational environmental scenarios will be developed using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications. Where each environmental matter has its own story, and both, present and future simulations. Schools and educational centers can have its’ own customized simulations to better let their students live inside a real experience of places they already know. 

2. Workshops / Sessions: Envatechs team are ready to guide the environmental scenarios which are developed into virtual reality simulations. Where students can enjoy a mindfulness interactive session of living in the future of the environment.

3. Training of Trainers program: where teachers in the schools and the educational centers can learn more about how to guide the experience of VR for their students.

4. Online Accounts: You can access updated and new content for your entity through online subscription. 



E N G I N E E R I N G  S O L U T I O N S

Envatechs offers Technological environmental solutions for engineering companies and development agencies who work on the implementation and development of environmental engineering projects or awareness campaigns. 

Virtual Reality simulations of an environmental project will be developed, considering the surrounding landscape and environmental issues such as; water, sanitation, biodiversity, infrastructure.. etc., to better reflect the environmental impacts of implementing the project. Furthermore, we can help in conducting scoping or awareness interactive sessions for locals, policy makers or any other targeted group.

Who Can Use It ?
  • Engineering companies
  • Development agencies & NGOs
  • Any other environmental entities
What We Offer

1. Project-based Simulations: Simulations of environmental impacts generated by the implementation of the project. 

2. Awareness Sessions: as part of awareness campaigns, Envatechs hold sessions to raise people’s knowledge of environmental challenges, by taking them into a journey of simulations to show them how small actions can result in tremendous challenges.

3. Public Relations Services: Presenting the services and work of you company through cutting edge technologies is one way to have people lining up all around your booth in the next forum, conference or exhibition your company participates in, giving you the best PR edge you can get.   


envatechs team

Ali A. Said

Ali A. Said

Planning Engineer


Ali Said is a planning engineer at one of the world’s leading engineering support firms, holding a B. Sc. Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Jordan since 2017.

Ali is an active, creative and ambitious individual who had various experiences in his pre-grad stages in which some continued till now. Ali is a founding member at the first ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) in Jordan; first PR officer and now an alumni advisor to the same chapter. He has also worked with international organizations such as FIFA, AFC and FIA. Moreover, he holds a lot of community and volunteering work in his history.

Ali is motivated and results-driven individual, who has responded positively and well to the challenges in his new role and environment and always eager to achieve more. Along with distinguished public speaking skills, he is a wanna-be trilingual; speaks fluent Arabic and English and he is learning Spanish.  Ali also has a good knowledge with various technical, recreational and artistic softwares.

Esra'a Alsanie

Esra'a Alsanie

Civil Engineer


Esra’a graduated as a civil engineer, who is passionate about development and sustainability of communities, her experience in both, education and environment has been highly developed in the past few years where She conducted a series of workshops for school students on different topics and that has improved her communication skills with the younger generation and helped her to better understand their need of being recognized as an effective part of the society.

In addition to working with multiple environmental entities. Esra’a is currently working as a Research and Innovation Officer at one of the biggest websites in the MENA region. where her work coupled with her past experiences, have motivated her to be dedicated to both, the environment and the younger generation.

Mohammed Al-Jabber

Mohammed Al-Jabber

Architect & Designer


Mohammed is a fresh graduate from The German Jordanian University and currently an architect at one of the largest design and planning firm for healthcare buildings in Dusseldorf, Germany. 

Mohammed is a creative and hardworking individual, who has developed many professional skills to a level of excellence during his undergraduate years, especially in design and architecture software. He also worked on several freelance architectural and design projects in Jordan and Worldwide. Mohammed is always willing to take risks and is flexible to change.

Mohammed has a great interest and skill in VR development as well as creating visual content of videography and photography. He is also very hilarious and loves working within a team of creative individuals. He has a conversational level of German and is fluent in Arabic and English.




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                   Phone: +962 799 016070

                                    +962 796 214610